Fieldmarshal Submersible Pumps

submersible pumps are widely used for Irrigation,Demestic,Industrial water supplies,Water supply to high rise buildings and also for high pressure water needs.


Salient Features of Submersible Pumps 

Motor : The casing is made up of Heavy duty Corression & Abrasion resistant stainless Steel.
  Stainless Steel Rotor Shaft with high quality silicon stampings for minimum losses.
  Dynamically balanced rotor to ensure vibrations free operation & hence longer life.
  Specially designed thrust bearing for less wear 7 tear.
  Water lubricated motor, no contamination of Water.
  Easy rewindability. Motor can withstand low voltage upto 160 volts.
Pump : Casing made of heavy duty corrosion & abrasion resistant stainless steel.
  Enclosed type impellers & diffusers made from engineering polymers.
  NRV fitted to discharge outlet to prevent back flow.
  Self priming, silent operation.
  Positive suction- no suction failure.

Performance Data of Submersible pumps